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Blackjack for free games are insanely fun to do and it’s the best way to get to know this popular casino game better. Here you can unlimitedly try out every controversial blackjack strategy and see what tactics you can use to play and which one is most profitable when you play online blackjack for real money. A free practice play is mostly offered by different online casinos. You can basically just go to the website of the provider. Once the game has started you can choose to make a deposit, but you can also choose to start free blackjack. Actually, the same game is started in both cases. Both free and paid Blackjack are played the same way to complete. Once the game is selected and started the bet will be determined and the dealer will deal the cards. The player needs to make a choice according to the cards he gets and will thus try to beat the dealer. This means that free blackjack will play against a dealer. This is no different as against a real dealer, except that of course there is no interaction between the dealer and the players. On all other fronts free blackjack equals paid blackjack and there are therefore no different.

In the Netherlands these are the most popular online casinos were you can play free blackjack. These blackjack sites also give the best bonuses.

  • 1. Kroon Casino: rewards newly registered players with a nice 100% bonus with a max of 100 euros. Twice as much play money! At Kroon casino you can also start playing with free registration.
  • 2. Oranje Casino: The oldest and most well-known online casino in the Netherlands welcomes new players with a bonus cash offer of 100% up to € 100. They also offer free registration.
  • 3. Amsterdams Casino: If you prefer a higher bonus cash sale, at Amsterdam Casino you will receive up to € 222. As a bonus (100% on your 1st deposit) and free registration.
  • 4. ComeOn Casino: The bonus amounts are even higher here, at ComeOn. You can receive a welcome bonus of 100% with a maximum of up to € 300 and just like the rest they also have free registration.