Live dealer

Live dealer

Live casino Blackjack is one of the few games where you as a player have the highest advantage of winning from the live dealer. In blackjack, the live dealer has less than one percent advantage and in other games it is always more. That does not mean you will leave the casino a billionaire. But if you play blackjack you have to know what you’re doing and you have to know when to split, modify, or request another card. It is best to keep a certain strategy. Playing with a strategy is easy to learn and there are great strategy that show you what action you can perform best at a certain combination of the live dealer. Live casino blackjack can be played online. The live version is very popular because you’re not at a computerized dealer and playing against a real live dealer. This makes you imagine yourself in a real casino, but you play from the comfort of your own home.

When you select a live blackjack table on your computer, the live dealer will welcome you via webcam. The HD camera records all actions of the live dealer and streams it live to your computer (or mobile). There is usually a chat function available that lets you chat with the live dealer. The combination of a live blackjack table and a piece of software you can bet via your computer or mobile phone to the hands you want is the perfect combination. The dealer looks at his or her screen which bets you have done and what you want to do with the cards. You play so completely real, the software is only for recording the bets and cards and as a reference for all operations so that everything runs smoothly. This makes you imagine yourself in a real casino.

Live casino blackjack

If you want to play live casino blackjack then you can expect the same rules as in a real casino or at a blackjack variant where the computer is the dealer. At the time each player has his or her bet, the live dealer will begin sharing cards. And just like in the casino, the dealer will then ask each player what they want to do. You can easily decide if you want an extra card, customize, splits, double, or to take out insurance with a simple push of a button on your screen. You can play the best live blackjack using a good strategy. With a strategy you can manage to handle your money and you can also win some extra money at blackjack.

Blackjack Payment Types

Winning blackjack is very much possible if you get your first two cards 21 points. In this case you have three: two paid, which means that if for example you have a bet made of $ 20, you get $ 30 profit; Together this is $ 50. Every other hand with more cards that is a blackjack will pay you 3: 2 unless the dealer also has blackjack. Other benefits are that if you don’t have blackjack, but the dealer has more than 21 points or less points than you do at the end, you still get paid 1: 1. You will lose if you have more than 21 points or if the dealer has more points than you collected. In this case, you lose all your money wagered. So when playing blackjack have fun, but also do use your head when making a choice.